Big Sports Events


  1. Olympic Games 

Olympic Games takes place once in 4 years. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the organization department which take full Olympics responsibility and has the right to entitle different nations to host each Olympics season. Olympic Games is such an extravagant sports which appeals the participation from almost all over the world nations. Therefore, the attraction of this sports event has always been huge. This is the biggest sports event in the world. Olympic Games has a long story of more than 100 years organizing and its spirit origins from ancient Greek sports competition.

2. FIFA FIFA World Cup

FIFA FIFA World Cup is another well-known sports event taking place once in 4 years. Being the champion of FIFA World Cup is the shared goal of any national football teams, therefore it has always been a harsh competition for every player. FIFA World Cup was firstly held in 1930 and since then, the worldwide football fans have the chance to witness the most interesting and competitive championship 32 times.

3. UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is a football championship taking place in Europe. Taking part in the championship are 32 Europe clubs and they have to compete throughout the long period of several months to earn the most prestigious title. 

4. The Formula One Race Tournament

The Formula One Race is a professional car racing tournament which takes place all year round on different revenues of various nations around the world. The popularity of this sports was so enormous that all Grand Prix tournaments being held attract million spectators. At the very first stage, Formula One Race only took place on several races of a few nations. However, nowadays, you can come up with F1 taking place on almost any nations of the world.