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Japanese people flock to the stadium despite the CoV

Japanese baseball fans flock to the stadium to observe their first matches in months, despite record-breaking nCoV infections in Tokyo.Baseball and soccer, Japan’s two hottest sports, were the primary to reopen to today’s audiences. Up to 5,000 fans were allowed into the courtyard under strict new rules, including measuring blood heat, mandatory wearing of masks and limited cheers.Tokyo Olympics officials said they’re going to be closely monitoring the fans’ return to the stadium while working to reorganize the 2020 Olympics next year.Hours before the primary match started, baseball fans gathered at Zozo Marine Stadium, with a capacity of 30,000 people, in Makuhari city, just east of Tokyo.”The atmosphere is so different. once you watch the sport at the stadium, the thrill and enthusiasm you are feeling is totally different,” said Lions Tetsuya Osako, 36, baseball fans often. Dozens of matches per annum, said. “I’ve been expecting this date for therefore long.”However, the atmosphere at the japanese stadium is now very different from when Covid-19 had not yet exploded. There have been no more loud trumpets, drums and cheers that were familiar to players at the stadium. Fans are prohibited from singing, shouting, waving flags or having close contact like banging hands and putting their shoulders together.