Sport stadium


Guangzhou Evergrande (Guangzhou) football team, which is one of the strongest football clubs in China, has started the construction of their brand new stadium. This stadium is reported to cost the most enormous sum of investment throughout the worldwide football’s history.

Even though it has yet got an official name, the Guangzhou Evergrande organization department has revealed that this stadium’s capacity will be 10.000 seats with the total cost of up to 1,7 billion USD. The construction of the stadium is predicted to be finished in 2020. Just some unfolded numbers above are enough to express how extravagant this stadium will be.

One of the most expensive stadium of the world

This new stadium of Guangzhou Evergrande Club will not the top 1 worldwide stadium regarding of the size and capacity. On the top of the present list is Rungrado 1st of May Stadium belonging to North Korea with the capacity of 150.000 seats.

After being finished, this stadium of Guangzhou club will be as large-scale as the Melbourne Cricket stadium, which ranked 2th on the list of the worldwide largest stadiums – surpass the legend Nou Camp of Barca (99.354 seats).

An important step for China on the race to be World Cup host

“This will be a construction with the viewing to upgrading China’s architecture to another level, which can be considered as superior as the Opera House in Sydney or Burj Khalifa in Dubai.” – The President of Evergrande Xia Haijun made statement.

The stadium will be designed with a lotus shape, which is expected to be super gorgeous and more extravagant than the Beijing National Stadium being published in 2008.

This stadium will play an important part on the race to make China become the host of World Cup 2034.