Roof collapse a stadium in Ts.St Petersburg, Russia, a worker died

A large roof of the SKK Peterburgsky stadium in Moscow, Russia, which is under repair, collapsed on Friday evening (January 31, Russia time), killing 1 worker and another worker. lost in the rubble.
The SKK Peterburgsky Stadium is a sports and concert complex, which is undergoing demolition to rebuild.

However, the accident happened between about 2 workers at work, and security cameras recorded a possible roof collapsing a worker trying to escape by hiding into a ladder. machine, while the other has fallen.
Therefore, when the roof collapsed, killing 1 worker, the other escaped into the elevator currently searched by the rescue team in ruins.
Officials of the emergency department in St. Petersburg later confirmed that the dead worker named Matvei Kucherov, 29, had been caught up in a cable when he escaped and was in distress.
The official also added that the cause of the accident, when two workers were working, was to remove the bars to complete the destruction of the roof of the stadium before rebuilding.
Unfortunately, however, one incident was feared that the fixed cable would be broken, causing the roof structures to weaken and collapsing, causing an unfortunate accident.
The Peterburgsky SKK Stadium was built in 1980 to serve the Moscow Olympics. This field was completely closed in August of last year to demolish, and rebuild for the world championship hockey (ice hockey) held in 2023.