Olympic Stadium

Stamford Bridge Stadium – The home ground of the Chelsea club (part 02)

East Stand

Capacity: 11,253
As is well known, this is the oldest stands at SB pitch. Previously it was the position for the away team fans, sitting on the bottom floor. However, at the beginning of the 2005/2006 season, Jose Mourinho suggested moving the home fan area to this sensitive ” stands to increase morale when Chelsea played. This stage consists of 3 main floors and is the heart of the stadium. Just below the stands is where the main camera is located; There are also the players’ locker room, conference room, audio-visual room, press center and commentary room. The middle floor has a suite of leaders’ suites and the bottom floor is considered one of the best viewing positions on the field.

Shed End Stand (Shed End)
Capacity: 6831
The Shed End is the southern stand; includes 2 floors. Downstairs used to be a place for home fans, but since the 2005/2006 season, the eastern corner of the stands has been reserved for guest fans. The Shed also has a Hundred Years Museum and a memorial wall. It is a permanent memorial to the most loyal Chelsea fans who have vowed to give their love to the club until their death.
West Stand
Capacity: 11,253
The Western stand consists of 3 floors, and is the place to place VIP seats. Abramovich regularly attended the matches there. In addition, this area is also equipped with a heating system. This is the most beautiful stands in SB and has the largest capacity. Hence the fare for this area is the most expensive, especially the middle and bottom floors.

  1. Record of the pitch

On 12 October 1935 against Arsenal and Chelsea the capacity of the pitch reached a record 82,905.
Average capacity at the British Offshore Championship over the seasons: